Supporting people with developmental,
cognitive and intellectual disabilities to be
actively involved in their home communities.

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Michael H.'s Story

Michael H.

When Michael H moved into a Shared Living home in Farmington that is supported by LEAP, he lost part of himself… sixty-eight pounds to be exact.

Since he began living with Vickie and Cliff Audette in June of this year, Michael has had what his doctor calls “the highest rate of weight loss he has seen since he began practicing in Maine”, and Michael has never felt better. Previously living with aging grandparents who felt that he was ready to move out and experience new things, as every man does at some point in his life, Michael has had more opportunities for health, wellness, friendship and most importantly, joy, than he ever has before.

Cliff and Vickie have taken him to a wrestling match in Augusta, on boat rides up north, and have begun working on steps towards independence.

Previously unable to get around without a walker, Michael now only uses the walker for stairs, has learned his new phone number, and even helped Cliff make over the garage by mudding... continue reading